Back Side of Ocosta Bleachers

The Ocosta School District is excited to announce that all students in Kindergarten through Twelfth grade will return to in-person learning beginning on May 3.  Superintendent, Heather Sweet, says "This is what we have been looking forward to since the closing of schools last March.  Our teachers, students, and families have done an incredible job of staying flexible and focusing on student learning.  We are happy to have students back in the buildings for in-person learning."    In order to honor our contracts with our unions, we will continue to use Fridays as time for our teachers to plan and collaborate with one another.   The district anticipates that a five-day-a-week schedule in the fall.  Masks,  social distancing, and daily attestations will continue to be a requirement for all persons on campus. 

Knowing that some families have embraced a home learning model, the district is starting to prepare for the fall, adding an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) for students in all grades.  Director of Teaching and Learning/Special Services, Nicholas French, has taken the lead on this new adventure, assuring the district meets all requirements for this program.   Further information on the ALE will be released in early May.